Soil science society

Let the soil speak for itself!

The Swiss Soil Science Society (SSSS) is sustainably active on the behalf of soil protection – and this on many different levels.

Exchange: the SSSS is a platform for dialog between specialists in administration, research and the private sector and promotes cooperation between research and practice.



Commitment: the SSSS is committed to the consolidation and the spreading of pedological knowledge. Through statements and by collaborating on the elaboration of legal bases, norms, directives, explanatory leaflets and guidelines, the SSSS is actively engaged in quantitative and qualitative soil protection.


Initiative: the SSSS launches projects to promote soil protection and environmental monitoring. It also maintains a service database for service providers in the area of pedology.


Raising awareness: the SSSS regularly organizes meetings and field trips. Meeting contributions and reports on various themes are published in the society’s own series.



Collaboration: The SSSS is member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences scnat and seeks cooperation with related professional associations.